Independent Perspective on Financial Destination Complaints

A search of the internet shows there are only a handful of Financial Destination complaints. Most of these are from people who are upset with multi-level marketing in general. This is a good sign for those who are interested in joining the company.

Financial Destination complaints about the products and services they offer cannot be found. The products they offer are mostly financial based products. They offer three membership levels, and members can also sell memberships to others. These new members then go into the first members’ downline.

The three membership levels are VIP, Preferred VIP, and First Class VIP. Every level comes with a personal concierge service. This service can give you driving directions, find tee times, make dinner reservations, and even help your kids with their homework. You will really feel like a VIP with this service.

The benefits with each membership build on the level before it. The First Class VIP’s get all the goodies offered by Financial Destination. Complaints about the company are not about the company itself. It is about the business structure of the MLMs.

Many people who are against MLMs believe they are pyramid schemes. In most cases this isn’t true. But the rumor is that only the people at the top of the MLM make money. This isn’t necessarily true, but I blame these MLMs for their own bad press.

These companies need to do a better job of teaching marketing, including Financial Destination. Complaints come from people who don’t make money with the company. To change this, all they would have to do is make teaching their members the skills they need their highest priority.

Until that happens, you are on your own when it comes to your education. So you need to get out there and get enrolled in an online marketing course. These courses are great because you can learn at your own pace. This is perfect if you are still working a full time job.

Don’t rely on any MLM to teach you to be a successful marketer, Financial Destination included. You need to be the master of your own fate, and learn everything you can. Then I will never see where you were online posting your Financial Destination complaints.

Forbes – The United States Financial Crisis Swept IT Industry

Acquisition opportunities

The small companies which are expert to develop high-tech will be purchased by large enterprises that have diversified business because the banks are in trouble now, actually they did not need these technologies any more a few months ago.

Endpoint Technologies Associates analyst Roger Kay, said: “For those who have a reasonable and stable customer base and hold a large amount of cash, now is the best time.”

The market conditions for the companies which are in terms of start-up is a disaster for they have not enough cash flow, Market research company Forrester Research shows that the financial services industry is the largest source of revenue to the field of IT. According to Citigroup analyst Brent Thill, to the software industry, about 10-30% of the revenue is from the financial sector.

This year, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco, and other IT giant has felt the pressure from the banking industry.

Last week, Forrester issued for senior IT managers found that about 43% of business plans to reduce IT spending this year, while the financial sector, 49% of the IT department plans to cut the budget. Forrester analyst Eileen Carney said: “The signs at the beginning of this year have been very clear that the cost-cutting is likely to start already.”

Compare with those who supply services such as data center outsourcing, companies which are specializing in high-performance hardware and software manufacturers suffered an heavier shock from the financial crisis. AAA Forrester Research report that will be published later this month, show that IT managers of the bank plans to raise investment at the necessary facilities or services, and the demand for high-performance hardware and software is on the decline.

For the Science and Technology Corporations which are hold large amount of cash , now is the best time to Acquisition.

For example, after 9.11 terrorist attacks, while at the decline of economy, Cisco acquired a number of small companies, in 2002 acquired 5 and bought 4 at the following year. Despite less than 20% of the revenue comes from services field, Cisco may also be affected by the economic downturn, but the company CEO, John Chambers had said in this summer that Cisco holds 24,000,000,000 cash, they will be used to acquire the appropriate assets.

Another big IT services giant IBM is also likely to escape from the financial crisis for the constant high profit of a number of quarters. The company attributed most of which focus on data center management, and Saas (software as a service), users can use former to replace the manual operation which is need high cost, while use the latter to replace the costly traditional software. IBM’s revenue from services business of its total revenue could account for about 60%.

In addition, IBM has continued to increase internationalization to take care of the economic downturn, IBM CFO Mark Loughridge has disclosed that in July last year, about 75% of the IBM customers are come from outside the United States. In addition, IBM’s investment in emerging markets is also growing because the impact to emerging markets in the United States from financial industry is the smallest.

For some brand name IT giant such as SONY, CANON, IBM, DELL, HP, JVC,can take care of the financial crisis for their strong power on R&D system, Supply system, fiancial department. But to many small companies that have not enough cash to turn over, this is a cold winter. It’s likely that they will be acquired by the IT giant in the financial crisis. After the financial winter, strong one will be stronger, a new order in the field of IT is coming.